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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sew much fun

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This spring break I have been going through my material and making Maddie some new skirts, shorts and a dress.  Hoping to make some more pretty soon in the next day or so.  And who knows.. if I keep digging I might be making more next week!  With all the short shorts out there, for even 5 year olds, I am glad I can make them myself. 

This dress I made, I found the material in the salvage section at Wal-mart for $4.31 so I couldn’t pass that up!    I used her old tank dress I made a few years ago for the template on the top and then I just made a skirt and gathered it and added it to the bottom.  It was still a little big and it needed something so I added a ribbon to it so we could tie it and make it fit better.  I think it ties it all together nicely!

Love this material and wish I would have found more.  Decided to do the top horizontally and the bottom vertically.  Kinda like it! 


Here’s the top I used for the template.  (was a dress a few years ago)



And here is the dress all done.



I love some of these pictures of her. She had to go pet the neighbors dog but it had been raining so she was holding up her skirt so it wouldn’t get wet.  Too cute!!


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