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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tooth on the loose!

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Last Friday Mad noticed she had a loose tooth.  When I looked at it the new one was already coming in behind it.  I can’t believe she is already losing teeth!  She just turned 5 in January for crying out loud!!  Now I noticed that the other one right next to it is loose too.  Wonder how long it will take with that one.  It’s not real loose but you can move it so it will be awhile on that one. 

I am just so proud of her.  We tried to do the door slam after school but I just couldn’t get it tied to her tooth right, or she was kind of freaking out and pushed it with her tongue and knocked it off.  She was so scared earlier so that wasn’t helping.  Then tonight I just asked her if I could try one more time (it was getting pretty loose and being the selfish wonderful mom I am I didn’t want her swallowing it or losing it at school so I wouldn’t be able to save that first tooth!) and if it didn’t work then I wouldn’t mess with it anymore.  She surprised me and said yes!  So… l gave it another try.  We didn’t do the door slam, just tied and yanked!   She cried a little but not really because it hurt, I think it was because just being scared and hearing the ‘pop’ when it came out.  Then she tasted the blood and started crying.  But once she rinsed her mouth she was all good.  Just grinning from ear to ear!  And I have to admit so is momma!  So proud!!  Her first baby tooth!  And it is sooooo small!!





It looks like a kitty tooth!!


She is so excited about the Tooth Fairy coming!  She asked if she could put a camera or video recorder in her room to ‘catch’ the Tooth Fairy in action!  lol  Silly girl!!!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Congrats to her! We were at the dentist for a cleaning last week and the dentist said that Pierce didn't have any loose teeth yet (I asked). She's an early bloomer :-)

Beth Zimmerman said...

This made me think of a friend's FB status the other day. A quote from her, elementary school age, son, "I'm going to be a dentist. I pulled a kid's tooth on the bus today. I don't know his name, but I should wash my hands. I told him about my skills and then was so soft he didn't even say ouch." I thought it was funny that he thought he should wash his hands AFTER the little surgery! Kids are so funny!

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