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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rambling Thursday

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This week has been a pretty great week!  Nice, calm and peaceful week that I am loving! The only drama from this week has been the fact that the trash men came early and I didn’t get the trash out. Sad smile  It’s not too full though and I threw Mad in the trash can to stomp it down and make room for this weeks trash.   She loved it!  She remembers doing this one other time last year! 

Last Friday I made up some more
Apple Nachos for Maddie and she took a bite and yelled, ‘Ow!’ and then started crying.  I told her to stop yelling and asked what happened.. well, she has a loose tooth already!!  (It’s her bottom left one) And the new one is coming in behind it already too!  Wow!  She just turned 5 in January, can’t believe she is already losing her teeth!
Yesterday I was looking at it, it’s getting pretty loose, and I decided to check the one right next to it.   That one is starting to get loose too!  She’ll have that one out pretty soon too!  How cute!  Her little bottom teeth look like kitty teeth! 

She is so excited for the tooth fairy to show up.  She told me a while back ‘that if the tooth fairy doesn’t have money then she just leaves a present for her instead, like something I’ve really been wanting’  Hmm… think she is asking for something special!  I told her yeah, but it takes money for those ‘gifts’ too!  Oh… well, I don’t care, as long as I get something!!  Smart girl!

Best pic I could get of her tooth without her moving around.

Saturday we had a good day too!  Cooked out with some friends, and got to shoot some too.  When we came home it was just Maddie and I so she got to get a facial.  Here’s some pictures of her! 

This week at school they are celebrating Dr. Suess’ Birthday so
Monday was Crazy Sock Day and she had to wear 2 different shoes too!

Tuesday was Wear Red Day

Wednesday was Silly Hat Day
Her hat is Happy Bunny and says.. I admit it.  I have a glitter abuse problem!
Yes she does!!

Today is picture day so they aren’t dressing up.  Forgot to get a picture of her before school but will add it when she gets home. (well still forgot to take a pic so here's one with the same dress)

Tomorrow will be Pajama Day!  And she gets to take a stuffed animal to school too.  She is so excited!  Oh, and The Cat in the Hat is supposed to come visit them at school too!!  She can’t wait!!
wearing some mismatched PJ's

Praying you are all having a blessed week and enjoy the up coming weekend!!

Can’t believe in 2 weeks it will be DST again!  Man I hate losing that hour of sleep but loving more sunlight!!

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Mary said...

That is so fun they are doing different themes at school each day. Her outfits were cute! Good luck with those teeth. That's exciting for her!

Have a great day :)

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