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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maddie stories

Pin It Just thought I would put up a few of Maddie's wonderful little stories and things she comes up with.

A few days ago Maddie was outside and was going crazy, I told her she needed to calm down and she said she wanted to 'Dingle'.  I asked her what that was and she said like this and did some crazy dance.  I asked her where she learned that and she said, "UncleChris"  The other day 'uncle Chris' was stuck in the water and she had to save you! lol Then it was uncle Kevin that was stuck, then Vaughn.... you get the pic.

A few weeks ago she was talking about Mr. Noodle being stuck in the jungle. (dungo) Shane was wonder Who in the world  Mr. Noodle was. He is on Sesame Street.. Elmo's World. Mr. Noodle is now her best friend that she does/blames everything with/on. lol

We have been explaining to Maddie that Fall is coming up and that it is getting colder.  The leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees.  She said, "That's OK, we can buy more"  lol  So cute!!
I made her a hat the other day and she said "I'm a witch!"  It was a pointy stocking cap.  lol  She was also riding around on a broom like a witch.  She is growing up so fast and coming up with so many new things that I forget to write them all down and then I can't remember them.  :(   Now that I have this I will have to try to do it more often.  I have a journal on her site and I hardly ever fill that out either.  Pretty sad..

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