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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Pin It We had a very ncie Thanksgiving this year.  Maddie and I made gingerbread cookies & Pumpkin bread on Wed and she had a blast!  I was searching for something in the kitchen and said Momma's lost her mind and Maddie told me not to worry she would find it!  lol  She is so funny!  She had fun rolling out the dough and cutting them out then decorating them.  She had to have frosting and of course they had to have sprinkles on them too.  She is such a doll.
Today we went to my MIL's house and then after that we went to my mom's.  Maddie was really worn out.  She is staying the night at my mom's house tonight and then tomorrow I am going to go and spend the day with them.  There was a lot of people at my mom's house but she did pretty well once she finally warmed up to everyone. 
Don't think I will be going to all the sales tomorrow, don't want to deal with all the craziness and the people.  We have Maddie's Christmas shopping done anyways and the rest won't be that much. 
Can't wait to get the tree up and watch the excitement in Maddie's eyes since this will be the first year she can really help with everything.  She is so excited and asking to see Santa everyday! 

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