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Monday, December 21, 2009

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Been so busy lately so I haven't been on here much, plus my computer was getting worked on.  My dad just called me today and told me that his PET scan came back normal!!!  Everything is gone!  So happy!!  What a VERY Merry Christmas this is!!  God is great and prayers do get answered!
Also my cousin's 1 year old son had his brain surgery a couple weeks ago and they removed the tumor and it was dead!!!  DEAD!!  His teatments are working for him too!!  He is still doing chemo right now though and they will prob be in the hospital doing inpatient treatment during Christmas but that is a small price to pay to actually have him her for Christmas!  The year started out very crappy and is now getting better.  Let's hope 2010 will be a better one for both of them!! 

Maddie is so ready for Christmas and is wanting to open the presents we have under the tree for everyone else. lol  She is so funny and tells us we are on the naughty list when we won't let her do something she wants too.  Says, "You're on the naughty list, no presents for you!"  How funny!! 
We are gonna start cutting out and baking the sugar cookies and ginger bread cookies tomorrow so she will be excited!  I am too but not so much about all the clean up that will be involved.  I am hoping to take some more pictures of her decorating them.  She loves frosting them and has to add sprinkles to them all! 
I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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