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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Time

Pin It We had a pretty nice Christmas this year.  Maddie was so excited about opening up all her presents.  We went to my mom's for Christmas Eve afternoon and then that evening we went to the inlaw's house.  We packed a bag too since the weather was really bad so that if we had to stay we would have something to change into.  The winds were blowing 50 mph and the roads were awful.  Big snow drifts on the highways and tons of pile ups on the interstate.  An hour drive took us almost 2 hours.  No fun!
Shane & I didn't do much for each other this year but that is fine.  Just seeing Maddie opening all of her stuff and the excitement in her eyes when she got what she had wanted.  So sweet!!  Nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a child!

Love how patiently she is sitting waiting on opening gifts. 

Maddie & Shane at Betty & Glenn's

Here fav gift she got from Santa

Her cousin Lane was so sweet to have a tea party with Maddie. :)

Maddie also got a little saucer from G'ma Betty.  We def had enough snow to go out and play.  She had a blast even though the pics look like she is scared to death.  lol  She was laughing and begging for more!

The snow was just crumbling instead of sticking together.  It was pretty challenging trying to make a snowman.  lol  She had a great time out in it though and loved making her snow angels too!

More pictures on her site.

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