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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.  The first of the year wasn't the best.  Dad finding out he had cancer in April and Stacie finding out August that her little boy also has cancer.  It's one thing for dad to have it but for a little one that was only 9 months old when he was diagnosed, that is just heartbreaking!  Cash has had so many surgeries, the removal of one kidney, tumor is gone!, then later having brain surgery to remove that tumor also.  That tumor was dead!  He still has cancer but is now tumor free!!  What a journey this little fighter has been on.  His family has gone through so much.  There is no time for them to really grieve and deal with all of this since they have a daughter that they have to take care of also.

My dad did find out last month that he is in remission.  He did still have 2 spots left, 1 on each femur, but after radiation, that is also gone!!  What a great thing to hear and only 3 days before Christmas!!  So happy for him.  His hair is now coming back and he is looking so much better.  He still tires easily but is getting stronger every day.  I am hoping that this year will only be a better year for everyone!

I can't believe that our little girl is going to be 3 in a week!  Man it sure went fast.  I can remember thinking how slow time was going when she was first born, waiting, begging for her to sleep through the night, to start crawling, walking, talking.... now I can't get her to slow down or hush!  lol  I guess I should be saying I am blessed instead of complaining.  I just have to remind myself of all that my cousin goes through but it is still hard not to complain sometimes. lol  She did manage to potty train fairly well.  Didn't take too long and she only had a couple of accidents in the night.  Never used pullups just went straight to undies.  She still potties the bed sometimes but that is only when she is really tired and only about once a month or so.

Madilyn is an amazing little girl though and so freaking smart!  Although she does refuse to do her ABC's still.  She rolls her eyes anytime we sit down to do it and whines when we watch the Letter Factory.  I keep trying but know it is pointless when she is just screaming and fighting while we are doing it.  That won't get us anywhere. 

I hope that everyone has a Happy and safe New Year and may God bless you all with a wonderful year!

                   Madilyn and papa with his new hair do.  Came in a little more grey but is so soft!!!

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