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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow/Ice storm of 2010

Pin It We had a bad storm on the 28th, it sleeted and rained most the day and then on Friday we got the snow.  We lost power on Thursday but only for about 1 1/2 hours so that wasn't too bad.  Of course once we finally got the generator we didn't use it for very long.  At least now we know how well it works.  We can use it for almost the whole house but we only used it for the heat, fridge and TV.  The most essentials!! lol
Maddie passed out around 6:30p that night before we lost power so at least that didn't freak her out.  We tried to wake her up but she just wouldn't make it.  I knew she would wake up early but she actually slept until about 6:30a which is her normal time now.  :( 
Just some other pics of the snow and Maddie out playing.  Then we made snow ice cream today.
The lovely icicles we have everywhere.  Since it has been melting and refreezing they are getting very long!!
                                                          This was on Friday the 29th.
Maddie trying to catch some snowflakes.

Maddie's 1st time making ice cream 1.31.10

How it looks today 1.31.10

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