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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some of the dresses I made last year

Pin It Here are a few of the dresses I played around with for her last year.  This one I just layed down an old jumper and made a pattern from that.  Love this material so much!!  A friend of mine sent me some to make her a purse for her and her daughter so I had to go to Hobby Lobby and get some more!!  Beautiful!!

                 Here is the purse I made for my friend and for her daughter. Wish I still had the link for the pattern.  Not sure where it is.  When I find it I will def add it.
                                              Found the link!!  Here is it for everyone! 

Then I had to make me one.  I made mine with an extra long strap so I could wear it like a saddle bag purse.  It is big enough for everything!  When I was potty training Maddie I would even have a change of clothes in it!

Here are a few pics of the reversible dresses I made last year.  I couldn't find pics of the other side of either one though. lol  Prob on the external drive or hubby's computer.  Oh well you get the idea.  Here is the link to that tutorial I used.  I love it!!! Oh and these were done with 4 fat quarters, 2 for each side.  Oh I did have an extra one for the one that has the ruffel.  That was my first ruffel added to a dress/skirt too.  :o)

Hoping that they will still fit this year.  I need to pull them out and try them on her and see.  If nothing else hopefully they can be reversible tanks now!!  lol

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