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Friday, February 26, 2010

another cold and rainy day.

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Yea, it's another cold and rainy day. :(  Hoping to maybe get Mad's dress cut out today and maybe started.  We will see how she does today.  Also gonna maybe fix some pants she had that are way too low cut.  Took apart the legs and adding some material to make it into a skirt for her.  Hoping that will turn out alright too.
Shane has to work tomorrow so not sure how much sewing I will be able to do then either.  Maddie gets to pick out something since she has still has her allowance from last week and this week.  She has her heart set on some more Littlest Pet Shop stuff but she usually changes her mind once we get to the store and she sees all the other stuff. 
Hope everyone has a great day and even better weekend!
Here's the pants I turned into a skirt for her.  The crotch was so small that her butt was constantly hanging out so I was had them sitting on my sewing table trying to figure out what to do with them.  This works!  Kind of cute. Sorry I couldn't get some better pictures.

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