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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgot about yesterday....

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Totally forgot about how wild yesterday was.  Not really wild but we did a lot.  Mad woke up a little before 6a, ugh!, and so I was kind of a zombie for part of the morning.  Did manage to make some blueberry muffins without an injury or burning them.  Then around 9:30a or so we headed out to give the truck a drink, as Mad says, then went to the library for Story Time.  After the story they played a cute little game with a kleenex box that had an alligator face taped to the opening with its mouth over the whole and some makeshift bean bags.  After the kids threw them for a bit they started leaking all over since the ziplock broke. So I decided to make them some new ones. But before that we went to Walgreens to get my pic order and two older men saw Maddie and were saying how cute she was.  One man was reaching in his pocket and told Maddie she could have both quarters if she could tell him how many he had.  lol  I felt bad but was afraid to say anything since it might have hurt their feelings if she didn't take it.  Sooo... she got 50 cents yesterday!  Went to Dollar Store to get the beans for the bags and Maddie got to spend her money on some chocolate!  Her fav.  Can't say that I blame her, it's mine too!  lol
Back at the house, I found some scrap material and I used one ugly color to make a bag to fit inside the prettier bags incase they leak hopefully it wouldn't leak too bad.  So I made 8 bean bags which was really 16 since I double bagged them.  Then I stitched around the edges, which was a little difficult with the fuller ones, so hopefully it would help it not leak.  Made 4 for the library and 4 for Mad.  She loves them an uses her old Easter bucket to throw them in.  Had to stick velcro on the bottom so it would stick to the rug and not flip over everytime you threw one in.  She loves it and has a blast!!  Something to keep her entertained on the cold and wet day. 

                           Yeah we're still in PJ's! (from this morning) Wasn't going anywhere today so why bother?  lol

I also scrubbed the kitchen floor with a scrubby on my hands and knees.  It really needed it.  Maddie of course wanted to help so I made her take off her pants, lol, since she was wearing decent ones from the library.  I didn't want her getting them all wet and nasty.  She helped scrub and clean it.  Maddie said she was  'A great helper' and yes she was!
So with all of that I figured she would be worn out but while I was making a heat pack from the left over beans, she decided to grab my diet coke and had drank half the can!  Then she was running around all crazy!  Figures on Shane's night to put her to bed she was already in bed and almost asleep!  I wear her out on Weds because there have been several she has just passed out but hardly ever when it is my turn and then she usually throws a fit! lol  Maybe she will be worn out today.  Still shooting for a nap today, only 2nd of this week, so prob won't pass out tonight. :(  Here's the silly little girl after getting my pop!

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