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Friday, February 19, 2010

For Aunt Patty! :)

Pin It Ok, I haven't been updating on here like I prob should be and this past few weeks has been kind of hard for all of us.  I don't want to sit and think about it or I will continue to bawl like I have the beginning of this week. It isn't that I am crying for Cash because we all know he is in a better place, but because I am crying for what Jason, Stacie and Haylie are going through.  Their faith is stronger than any I have ever seen, it is a testimony to how we should all be. 
Ok, on to my update for aunt Patty.  Unfortunately nothing much has been going on.  Maddie is doing very well and is getting smarter and smarter every day.  I need to remember to get on here every time she comes up with something new, which she does very often!  I am so scared to watch TV with her anymore because all she does is tell me, "I want one of those!" for any and every commercial that comes on!!  She has been doing chores around the house and now gets an allowance.  Yeah, a 3 year old with an allowance.  Guess it's better to start early than never start at all.  She is so proud of herself and is always saying, "I'm a great helper!"  She helps clean up the living room, dusts, empties the small bathroom trash, makes her bed, once a week she cleans her room, helps vacuum and sweep and mop the kitchen.  Well OK it's been a bit since we have mopped that kitchen. shhhhh.....   Anyways, she gets $5 a week when she does most of the things on her list and goes to bed without throwing a fit and doesn't always beg for stuff.  She is doing so much better since we started her on the allowance.  She is more apt to help around the house, (bribery does that for me too!) and is so proud to be able to buy her own toys, markers or craft stuff.  She loves the Littlest Pet Shop stuff now and is always wanting something like that. 
Let's see.... some of the other things she does now is when you ask her if she wants something or needs to go to the bathroom she has to pause and then says, "Uhhhhhh.....No or Uhhhhh, yeah"  It is so funny!! 
She is starting to draw pictures and stick figures and is doing so well with those.  I will have to scan some and put on here.  She still doesn't want anything to do with her ABC's though.  lol 
Here are some pics I took the other day of her just playing around outside since it was so nice out!

We didn't go to church this past Sunday because I was sick so Maddie had her own little church!

Playing outside with her bubbles and just being silly.

Oh yeah, her other new little thing is she loves watching 'bad kids' which is Super Nanny.  lol  She loves seeing the bad kids on there for some reason.  We are always telling her that is not how she needs to act, she needs to be better than that or she will get timeouts just like they do.  She always says, "I wanna be good"  Glad she likes watching that.
She also likes watching the Bad Boys show which is Cops. lol  She sings the song sometimes and sometimes she just does her own little version to it.  Here is a very short video of her singing it. 

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