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Friday, February 19, 2010

Today we celebrated Cash's life

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As my brother said today, "It was a beatutiful day today. We could not have asked for a more awesome day to celebrate Cash's life. The service was amazing... as well as getting to see the true selflessness of a parent's love" 
That was very true.  It was a gorgeous day to celebrate Cash's life.  The service was wonderful and they kept it short as Stacie & Jason wanted.  Stacie and Jason and the whole family are so strong in their faith and that helped the rest of us get through it today too.  There were some tears but we all tried to remember that he is in a much better place and playing with so many other children and family now. 
Stacie said that today when she got back from cleaning the car that Jason was doing his Bible study for the day.  This was the verse he was reading.

"Real trials in life are not ifs - they are whens. In fact, life's most profound lessons cannot simply be observed, they must be experienced.​ It is there, in actual seasons of heartache and loss, that we gain greater insights into life, faith, and our need of God. To that end, James wrote, "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience" - James 1:2-3.

There isn't much more to say with that verse, it says it all!

The respect shown from the law enforcement was one of the most touching parts of the service.
I did snag this picture and the caption to it from his fan site on FB.  It shows how many people this little boy touched in his short time here.  He was a hero to many people!

Today we had a parade. If you didn't see it you missed out. One and a half miles of cars were involved, traveling bumper to bumper. Dozens of law enforcement and medical personal from all over Oklahoma were present. While we all had every light on our cars and trucks lit up, a part of Enid stood still as the parade passed.

We had this parade for a beautiful little one year old boy. He sure loved seeing those lights flash. I couldn’t see his face but I bet he was so thrilled and amazed at his parade. I can picture him smiling with a smile that covers his whole face.

We started at a church in the middle of town and traveled almost six miles to our destination. When we got to Memorial Park Cemetery we said our good-byes as they placed the body of our little hero in the ground.

Cash Alan Caywood is a warrior and a hero. Some may look at this situation and think that cancer was the victor in this fight, but I say that Cash won the war. That is why we had a parade. And Cash had the BEST heavenly seat in the house.

We’ll miss you buddy.


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