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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend with Grammy & Papa

Pin It Maddie stayed this weekend with her Grammy & Papa Gaede.  She had a lot of fun and got to play with her cousin Dayla too.  Grammy said that Dayla was pulling Maddie around the house on a blanket and then Maddie actually pulled Dayla!  Dayla is 8 years old and Maddie could actually pull her!  The only argument was when cousin Dayla got into what Maddie calls 'her cabinet' for snacks and got something.  Maddie said that it was her snacks not Dayla's.  Grammy explained to her about sharing again and then things were back to normal.  Today Maddie was in the bathroom and wanting to use some of Grammy's makeup and Grammy told Maddie, no that's my good makeup you can't use that.  Maddie said, "Grammy did we just talk about sharing yesterday?"  LOL  OMG what a smart little thing.  More and more like her smart butt daddy!  lol

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