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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hurry up Spring!!

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Really wish that spring would hurry up and get here!!  So ready to be able to go on walks again and let Maddie out to play for longer than 15 min or so. 

Was googling softies to make for Mad the other day and was looking for something simple and quick and she saw a fish she liked so of course we had to do that one.  Couldn't have been something really simple and easy to cut out.  This fish had 5 different colors to it so once I drew out the pattern on cardboard, cut that out then cut it into pieces I had to lay that out, keep Mad from crawling on the material and cut all that out.  Took almost an hour to do all that and the interfacing.    Then she was asking if it was done.  lol  Told her I still had to sew it together so she sat with me and kept saying, "Go mom, you can do it!!  You're a great worker!!"  She is so funny!
Here is the fish.  She chose all the material too.

Now I am thinking of making her a halter dress.  Seen some tips online and will have to just make my own pattern.  So glad that mom gave Mad that newspaper end because I have used it more on making my own patterns than Maddie has!  Use it to make my own purse patterns and trace her old clothes to make patterns from.

Here is the cute little dress I want to make for her.  Of course mine won't be this cute because I am just gonna use the material I have on hand for the first one to see how well it comes out. Halter Top Sundress  I really love the black one!  Very cute!  We went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they had SOOOOO much gorgeous material!  I made myself just get the interfacing, keep my eyes down and leave.  I was so proud of myself!  lol   Once I get her dress done, as long as it turns out halfway cute, I will post a pic of it.  Might not be until the weekend before I get to do it.

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