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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amazon plug!! :)

Pin It Mercy  So, what are you reading?  I just started reading Mercy by Jodi Picoult yesterday.   The only other book I have read of hers was Handle with Care: A Novel and it was so good!  I was already crying on the 2nd or 3rd page!!  I also really liked My Sister's Keeper but haven't read the book yet.  I will hopefully be getting that one soon.  Since I have been taking Maddie to the library I have finally started reading again.  I used to just always go to Amazon and get them but I have been too cheap lately!  lol  The ones I really like of course I have to go and buy too.  Another author I have been reading a lot of lately has been Cecelia Ahern.  I read her book P.S. I Love You before I saw the movie and it was very good!  Of course I liked the book A LOT better than the movie.  Nothing against the movie but to me they just cut out too much stuff. 

I finally got to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon [Blu-ray] this weekend too!  I am so glad that they got that it was good!  Not that Twilight wasn't that good but, again, the books are so much better and New Moon seemed to stick more to the book this time.  Plus I really loved the action in it. 
If Shane knew I was putting this on here he would prob kill me but oh well....  He loved New Moon!  lol  He hasn't read any of the books since they have nothing to do with motorcycles, guns, or cars/trucks but he was hooked.  He was a little skeptical on how they were going to do the werewolves but so was I.  He loved how much more action there was in this movie. (He was gripping about it for about 2 hours afterwards, saying how Bella just totally screwed Jacob!! )  I told him then he will love the next 2 that are coming out!!  I can't wait for those and I have already warned Shane that I will be bawling like a baby with those two!  Also told him we have to buy them too!  Not sure if I can get him talked into seeing it in the theater since he still says they are teeny bopper movies and there will be nothing but teens there.  I told him, "Have you seen FB lately? There are so many out there our age that love it too!"   When we were buying the movie he turned it upside down when I had to take Mad to the bathroom.  lol  What a nut!!  I think he is as ready for the new ones to come out as I am.  Come on June, get here faster!!!

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