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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SO ready for the weekend!!!

Pin It So I really love my momma and love spending time with her but usually I just hate staying the night at someone else's house, just not the comforts of your own, but I am so ready to spend the weekend with her!!  Maddie and I will be staying with her this weekend since Shane has a motorcycle safety class to attend and I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to finish cutting the blocks for my quilt.  All I lack to cut out is the backing.  I am going to be making a rag quilt so I have to have TONS of squares!!  I thought I had cut them all 5x5 squares but when I looked at the cardboard square I had cut them ALL out with I noticed it was a 6x6!  UGH!!  I cut all the batting 4x4 so I will have to see if I need to redo all of those now! I hope they will still work because that is way too many to be cutting.  It will be 54 in by 108!  Guess that is big enough!!  lol  I did 9 across and 12 down.  Can't wait to get sewing on it and hope it turns out like I want.  
Here's a little sneak peak at a few of the squares.  Just a little tease.  I had her put her hand print on some of the plain ones with fabric paint and then on some other ones she drew some pictures on them too with permanent markers.  I just wish it was done already!! The last pic is a little blurry since I cropped it from when I had it all layed out.  

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