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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Check out these Adorable Owl Iron ons from Baby Love Blankies  They are just so cute!!  I just got them in the mail today and I happened to have a plain shirt for Maddie so I decided to make a little branch from some brown I had and then ironed the owls on!  They came out so cute!!!  I went ahead and put interfacing on the back because I think I might zigzag around the edges of them just to make sure they won't fray or come off.  I can't wait to see what other ones Baby Love Blankies has coming out.  Jamie is such a sweetheart so please go check out her shop!!  I have known her now for a little over 3 years, she has some gorgeous stuff in her shop!!
    Don't you just love that cheesy grin!?!  lol

OK, so this shirt Mad has on says it is a Large (10/12) but I don't think so!!  She usually wears a 6 or so but this large is a little small!! lol   Glad I have a few more owls left so I can go get another shirt!  I used some of the other owls for some blocks I am going to use on Maddie's quilt I am working on.  Pictures for that to follow in a few weeks, hopefully!  I am excited since this will be my first quilt ever!!  Using her old clothes and material from the outfits I have made her!

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