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Monday, March 22, 2010

Newest cheap craft

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I have been searching all over for where I saw the idea of using toilet paper rolls to make pretty wall decorations.  She did hers like a vine and it was so pretty!!  I decided to make crosses out of mine.  I might have to try the vine one later on.  Who knows, the possibilities are endless!!  Thanks to whoever that was I saw this idea from!!

Of course I didn't do the middle cross.  Found that one at Hobby Lobby!

I know one of them is a little crooked since I had it sitting on the bookshelf for a few weeks.  oops! 

Finally found a site that had the Toilet Paper Wall Art idea from.  It's still not the one that I got my idea from but it is basically the same idea.  Still gorgeous!  Here is another link at Some Day Crafts she has some other cute links for a little different project too.  Very cute and creative!

What I did was smoosh the toilet paper roll a little bit so that it made an oval, cut with a razor, scalpel or whatever sharp craft tool you have on hand.  Then I glued them together and spray painted them!  Easy as that! 

 When I made my daughter's flower vine I painted them first then glued them together.  When doing it with multiple colors it is easier to paint them first, let them dry then glue together.  Have fun!!

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