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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cookie Time!

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From the time Mad woke up this morning she was asking to make some cookies.  I hate making them only because because my will power totally sucks and I will just keep eating them.  I love sugar cookies and that is what she wanted to make.  I found a recipe using applesauce instead of the butter or oil, which is what makes them so good!  So they were fat free but definitely not sugar free.  She wanted to frost them and of course add the sprinkles.  The recipe we used they didn't turn out too well.  To chewy, almost like a biscuit instead of a cookie.  She wants to make some bunny ones she saw in one of my magazines for Easter.  I think when we do those we will actually make the real ones though.  She loves to make them but when we are rolling them out she wants to lick up all the flour.  Silly girl!  She was actually licking the table today!

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