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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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For Dr. Seuss's Birthday and the librarian that does Story Time, her's is on Sat, The Cat in the Hat came to read to the kiddos today!  The kids thought it was so neat!  (Well, one had a little bit of a melt down)  He read to them and let them take a picture with him.  Was a lot of fun!  We made a hat like the Cat in the Hat wears, Maddie wouldn't wear here of course, and then they passed out cupcakes and balloons!  Lots of fun!

Some girl really liked Maddie's giraffe and was trying to take it.  lol  Poor Maddie gave her a look and said, "That's MINE!"  It was all good, they still set by each other and held hands later but Maddie had the giraffe on the other side of her.  lol

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