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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project of the day

Pin It Found this cute little idea at Sew Mama Sew      Of course her's are a lot cuter than mine.  I need didn't do mine exactly the way she did but they came out pretty cute.  I put my button a little higher because the there was too much of the bookmark sticking out when I had it a little lower.  It looks a lot cuter lower though.  I am going to take some to the library tomorrow for the librarians since they are so nice and do so much for us at Story Time and the other craft times they do stuff.  For Christmas they gave all the little ones a book and a t-shirt.  It was so sweet of 'em!  
Here's a few of mine.  I still have some more to do though.  Love this idea because I always have scraps lying around!

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