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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giraffe Softie

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Today I made Maddie a Giraffe Softie.  Found the cute little template here Giraffe Doll  I tried to enlarge the pattern myself before printing it but it still wasn't the size I wanted so I ended up free handing this one too.  Now after putting it together I noticed the feet seem like they are backwards.  Dang it!  So glad I had some left over stuff I was probably never going to use.  I always like to do the first one with some scrap stuff that I won't be too sad and disappointed about if I totally screw it up, which I tend to do when I am making my own patterns.  Oh well, guess every first is a learning experience.  Maddie chose the material from some other stuff I have no idea what to do with and she chose to use buttons for the eyes.  I do have another pattern I found too that I am thinking of trying.  Free handed that pattern also. Well, thought I had the link but guess not.  If I find the link again I will make sure to post it.  Here is a pic of it though, saved it so I could look at it for the pattern.

Maddie decided to dress herself today.  The bottom shirt is on right but the top shirt is on backwards.  Oh well. at least she made an effort to get herself dressed.
Here is my poor pathetic one!  lol  Hate to even post a pic of mine after this one!!  I think the one I posted before mine might have been from Etsy.  Will go look when I get done here.
Notice something missing?  Yeah forgot to do the mane.  Hmmm..... still not sure if I am gonna add one or not now.  It won't really take too much but not in the mood right now.  Maybe if she doesn't sleep with it then I will do it tonight.

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