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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Maddie is at that wonderful stage where every commercial she sees she has to yell, "I want one of those!"  She will yell that until you answer her, doesn't matter what you say you just have to acknowledge her.  It gets so tiresome!! lol  She really wants the Lelli Kelly shoes.  Has anyone seen these? (couldn't find the actual price on their site so I just googled them) They are really cute but OMG they are really expensive!  I am not about to spend around $70 on a pair of shoes for a 3 year old!!  She'll just outgrow them in about 6 months or sooner and get them nasty or tear them up!  Maybe we are just awful parents because I know there has to be many out there that spend that much on shoes for their little ones but not us!  We don't even spend that on our shoes!!  We usually always wait for a sale but it is still hard for me to spend more than $15 on her shoes.  lol   She grows way too fast!!!

On a different note, things here are going pretty well.  I am trying to make her an Easter dress, nothing too fancy so that if it doesn't come out too cute then we still have time to get her one before Easter.  I have it almost done but have to wait until the weekend to finish it since this wonderful small town doesn't have anywhere to get stuff.  Well, there is a small shop downtown but she is almost twice the price of Hancock's and Hobby Lobby.  It's nice in a pinch but when I can wait a bit for when we go to Edmond I do.  
Maddie is now adding an extra thing for Shane in the morning when he leaves for work.  She had started telling him, "Have a good day and have a good safe" now she has to add, "don't forget to be a super hero!"  lol  She comes up with some crazy stuff!!!

Here's a great site for everyone to check out!  She has some amazing stuff!!  Sew Mama Sew

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