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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Late night project

Pin It Maddie really loves to coloring and drawing stuff and likes to do it in the car.  I had made her a crayon roll and she used that and we carried that in my purse along with a little notebook.  I was trying to find something better for her to have in the car and so off to google it was!  I can't remember for sure what it was I actually googled because I can't find it now but here is a link to something similar. Crayon Folio  It was my first one, made my own pattern so hoping the next one will be a little better!   Just used some old scraps and a fat quarter I had.  I should have put interfacing on all of it but didn't for some crazy reason!  Not sure why, usually I go interface crazy!!  I just kind of played around with it.  Might make the next one a little different, if I decide to make another.  I'll see how well she likes this one.  Might make 2 more 1 for each of the grammy's house.  I forgot to cut out an extra pocket for the outside so for the decoration I just used some yoyo's I had made up from some other scraps.  Didn't turn out too bad considering I did it around 11pm tonight!  Need to head to bed now, glad we drive an hour to church, think I just might sleep on the way!

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