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Saturday, March 6, 2010

One old shirt, so many possiblities!

Pin It I saved an old shirt that Betty gave me and Maddie wanted a skirt out of it so I made her a skirt.  I hated to just throw the rest away and I wanted to use the sleeves for some leggings.  Since I had already cut up the shirt there wasn't much to use for the top of the leggings so I rummaged around a found some old knit I had and added that to the top of it.  Should have made the top part just a little bigger.  They fit now but might not this winter.  Oh well, got 2 outfits out of something we were just gonna throw away or take to the thrift store so I guess I shouldn't complain.  Now I'm on the hunt for some more long sleeved t-shirts!!  lol
Just had her put the skirt on over the pants.  I think it's a little much though!!!

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