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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How in the world...

Pin It did my little 3 year old get so concerned about makeup!?!  Lord knows it wasn't from me!  Before we go anywhere she has to put on her makeup and now that she got her little Ariel crown and stuff she has to make sure she has that on now too.   I told her to get ready so we could go to the thrift store to drop off some stuff and then we would go to the library.  I still had to get out of my sweats and holey t-shirt and put on something half way decent and she still wasn't ready.  I knew the storms were coming so I told her to hurry up because she still wasn't ready by the time I got dressed.  Man did she lose it!  She started bawling and screaming, "My world is over!"  I told her I would go without her, yes hubby was home, and she could stay here, she finally grabbed her little hand mirror and a thing of lip gloss and got in the van.  
I have done my best to explain to this child that makeup doesn't make you beautiful, it's what's on the inside that counts.  Yes makeup is nice and can make you feel and sometimes look prettier but it isn't what makes you beautiful.  She still doesn't get that part but I keep trying.  She even has to put her makeup on before walks too!  Like I said before I am not sure where she gets it from since I do good to put it on maybe once or twice a week.  That is one I will have to keep working on.

Ok, on to the rest of our day...  We didn't do much today besides clean the nasty mini blinds in the bathroom shower and then the tub.  I hate having a window in the bathroom sometimes!  Well, ok, I just hate how nasty those mini blinds get, need to figure something else out for that one of these days.  (been saying that for almost 6 years now, don't think its gonna happen) 
Then Mad wanted to go ride her tricycle out front but got side tracked by the big puddle in the driveway and then the other lovely, very muddy spot in the driveway to the shop.  I refrained from telling her to not get nasty and just let her go this time.  She had a blast and got filthy!!  Clothes didn't get too nasty though but I still had her go out back and play in the sprinkler to wash off her clothes.  Best way to rinse them before I threw 'em in the washer.  She kept saying, "Thank you for letting me play in the mud and sprinkler!!"  Then she came in and had a nice shower and that's when I decided to go out and she freaked out about the makeup.

Got back from the library and thrift store, and we had to get stuff ready to head down into the cellar.  There were a lot of tornadoes and bad storms around.  Our tornado sirens were going off for a little bit and then we finally got down in the cellar and they went off for the whole 45 min we were down there!!  I am really proud of Maddie though because she did really well down there.  We didn't end up having a tornado go through our area it only rained and very little hail.  She was sure wound up afterwards though and hard to get her to go to bed.  I am sure she will still be up bright and early at 6a!  Booooo!!
Not really sure yet what other towns really got hit, a few friends of mine in towns around ours said they got some hail and bad rain but nothing major.  Thank God for that!!  Not that I ever pray for others to get hit with bad storms but I do pray that they just go away!!  Had some answered prays for us tonight!  

Guess that's about enough rambling on for tonight, we'll see what adventure tomorrow brings!

A few pics of Mad playing in the mud, and then the river coming down our driveway.  It doesn't get into the house though, so that's a good thing!


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