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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My litle girl is growing up

Pin It We went over to a friends house this afternoon for a little cook out and had a great time!  Tori has 3 girls and Maddie just loves them!  One of the girls is close to Maddie's age and she follows her around all over the place.  They played in the little pool and played dress up.  They were so cute!  When it came time to leave Mad didn't want to so Tori said she could stay the night and Maddie said OK!  She was so tired though since it was already past her bed time but she took her bath, wanted me to wash her hair so I helped with that before we left.  She just said, bye momma, I love you and I like you!  lol  I hope she was good for them.  I feel so bad because I feel like I pawning her off on them.  It's different when it's a grandparent than a friend.  So proud of her though, it's midnight right now and no calls so I guess all is well!  I am sure she will have plenty of stories tomorrow!

              The girls playing in the pool.

          Having some fun

            Maddie dressing up in Em's batman costume


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