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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rambling Thursday (and lots of pictures)

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Not really much to ramble about this week, it has actually been going really well.  Maddie and I haven't yelled at each other (much) this week.  lol  Been just cleaning the house, playing outside and made some home made banana ice cream Wed. and then dumped the whole ice bucket on the kitchen floor.  Thank God there we have linoleum in there!  Cleaned it up a little, had a bowl of ice cream, yum!  then mopped the floor.  You know, have to have your priorities in order! =)

Maddie has been running around pretty much in t-shirts and undies this week.  Been so freaking hot!  Also getting her to go under the water with me in the pool.  I keep telling her that she needs to do it so that she won't be so scared and it is easier to do it with me than accidentally going under when I am on the other side of the pool.  This way she knows what to do.  Just keep telling her to put her feet down and she'll be fine!  Sometimes wish our pool was a little bigger but then again, I'm glad it's not because she can touch.
Grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs yesterday and this morning I made berry muffins and lemon poppy seed muffins.  Think I am done cooking for a few days!  =)

Here's some pictures of what we/she did this week.

The hair on the plate face is from the champagne poppers.  Just love her face with the yarn haired one.

 Here she is just playing around outside yesterday.
Just watching some TV and sharing secrets with her puppy

Oh yeah, Maddie spent the weekend with the grammies this weekend and had a lot of fun.  She got a Jr. Sundae from Sonic, played with some home made play dough and then Sunday after church Shane & I went and ate lunch at mom's for my belated b-day lunch.  She also got to visit with her great grandparents.  Good times!


Lisa said...

You got a lot accomplished, I enjoyed all the pics, wish I could taste those muffins....happy belated birthday!

Nicole said...

=) Thanks Lisa! Oh, they were good! Even though I cheated and used the cheap packages you can buy.

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