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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Storm 2011

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Well on Monday night we got a ton of snow.  It’s the coldest weather OK has had since 1989!  And right now as I type my computer says it is –2 out!  Brrrr!!!  We got about 10 inches of snow where we live but some parts of the state got almost 21 inches!  Pretty much the whole state was shut down on Tuesday.   The roads still aren’t cleared off yet and they keep advising everyone to stay inside and to not travel.  Shane went ahead and went to work yesterday for a bit and he said some places were alright and then others were pretty bad.  Of course where they plowed any business driveway they were almost blocked with the snow they plowed from the street!  It’s just a mess right now!

Since we have been snowed in we haven’t been doing too much except laying in bed and watching the weather all snuggled up together.  We’ve been doing some baking too.  Made homemade pizza yesterday (turkey sausage and ham) and some very yummy Who Bread.  I was going to make Sandra’s Simple White Bread but then I saw her Who Bread and remembered I was going to try that a while back so that is what we made yesterday.  It was delicious!!

Maddie decided to go out and play in the snow on Wednesday.  It was so cold!!  At least it had stopped snowing by then and the wind wasn’t blowing like the day before but it was still VERY cold!  We were only out for about 10 min each time.  Here’s a few pictures for ya.  She just kept rolling around yelling, “I love this snow!”


and of course she had to eat some icicles too.  Might have to make some snow ice cream today!  Yum!

and the funny thing is that Shane remembered to put up his windshield wipers but the van didn’t have a drop of snow on it!  and he didn’t have to go to work either because most the roads were closed anyways…
I knew the trash wouldn’t show up but we took it out anyways because when they do show up I don’t want to have to try to pull it over all that snow!  Looks like the neighbors had the same idea! 


HeroCakePops said...

I have been watching the weather every night and it looks crazy! The snow looks wonderful fun though! Not snowing in Las Vegas though thank God!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love her hat - looks like she found some fun. Totally do the snow ice cream -that stuff is so tasty!

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