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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rambling Thursday

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Rambling Thursday

I was looking back at some of my posts and realized that I haven’t done a Rambling Thursday in a few years.  Maybe I need to start it back up.

Well to start off with, and most of you know it by now, I changed my website address.  After having it the same for a little over 2 years I just decided to change it.. Lost all my feedburner followers and my linkedwithin doesn’t work now but other than that I think everything is the same.  Also playing around with the header a bit.  I love having it the same, for the obvious reason, but sometimes I just want something a little different.

Maddie is doing pretty good.  Nothing much new is going on with her other than the fact that she is growing up too fast.  Oh.. and she is being a little demanding on how we play.  It’s kind of cute and funny, for the first 30 min and then it gets a little annoying.  Smile with tongue out

Maddie is still loving school too.  We usually get there about 8a when the teacher opens up her classroom and lets everyone in but here lately she wants to go so early.  Instead of us sitting by the office and waiting like we have before, she now wants to go to the gym.  We tried that before and she would just cry and run after me but now she loves it.  (She’s informed me that the reason she cried before was because she was only 4 but now she is 5 so she doesn’t cry. )  She has been going up there for the past couple weeks now, which has been so nice but weird at the same time.  It’s weird not seeing the teacher in the morning in case I have something to tell her or to give her Mads dollar for Friday’s Capri Sun and Popcorn day.  Maddie is doing well though so that’s all that matters.

At home she is def. going through some early teenage moments.  I thought I had at least another 7 –8 years before I had to deal with that but noooooo….. she’s breaking me in now.  She can be the sweetest thing and then the next thing you know she has the nastiest attitude and says some really crazy and mean stuff.  And she fights like crazy about cleaning her room, even when it isn’t that dirty and just needs picked up.  It is so hard not to laugh at her sometimes.  We are working on that.. hoping to get it stopped before we kill each other!!


Here’s a pic of her from the last Rambling Thursday..

                   Sept of 2010                                                                 And one from now


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Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh My Goodness! That child is going to be GORGEOUS! Tell Daddy to get the shotgun ready (just with those little pellet things to scare the boys off without really hurting them). :)

I hope some of your previous followers have found their way back here. And if not ... starting over isn't always a bad things! :)

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