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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Repurposed T-shirt Skirt

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As you all have noticed I have been doing some sewing lately.  As I was digging though my material I found an old t-shirt of mine that I really like but it was shorter than I liked but Maddie loved it.  I was sitting there debating on whether to cut it or not and Mad was sitting beside me saying, ‘Do it!  Cut it!  Cut it momma!’  So.. I cute it.  I laid it down and just cut under the arms of the shirt.  I just made a casing on the top and for the elastic and that was it.  Since I didn’t cut the bottom I didn’t have to worry about hemming it since it still had the original hem.  It did turn out pretty cute.  She really likes it!

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Beth Zimmerman said...

You GO girl! I'm impressed! :)

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