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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

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Last Friday on Good Friday Maddie’s class got to go to one of the local nursing homes to sing for them and for an Easter egg hunt.  She had a blast and even got to take a picture with the Easter bunny!!  It is so nice that the school actually takes them to do Easter Egg hunts.  I am sure that will slow down and stop once she gets older and there starts to get more in her class so I am relishing it while I can! 

They had a ton of food at her party but she only ate a few bits of each thing.  All the kids begged for everything but most of it ended up in the trash!




I love the look on her face in these 2 pictures.  She’s checking out her stash!  lol (kinda blurry because I’m cropping out the other kids)



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filmansantiago said...

your daughter really enjoyed Easter seeing your great snaps. :)


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