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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mad Saturday

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Saturday Maddie and I headed to Cato’s to check out some sales.  I found a few cute things for me but I still didn’t like their prices.. guess I’m used to shopping at Ross, but I ended up finding a very cute top for Maddie for four dollars!  Couldn’t pass that up and just had to get it. 


Here’s some more phone pics



Then later on after having some lunch we headed off to Wal-mart.  She was on the search for some more marbles since a kid at her daycare brings his, she had to get some more.  
I just love how she is carrying her purse and looking so grown up!

she found 1 bag of marbles.. well kind of.  The bag was empty and only half the marbles were in the box.  So upset!  (daddy found some later in the day and brought them home for her Red heart)



Searching for something else to take the place of those precious marbles. 


She finally found some little Barbie something and was so happy!!  Hoping they don’t end up lost like the ones she got just last week.


Like sunshine in the home said...

That is such a cute top, she looks so pretty.

Nicole said...

=) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

wow! she looks gorgeous in that patterned dress! It seems to be a dress right? well at least we call it that way in Argentina. Here, leggings are really fashionable for kids, most of them use them.
I hereby leave my blog for you to visit it. You can follow me if you desire.
regards from Argentina! =)

Nicole said...

Thank you! Yes, leggings are really popular here.. she just wanted to wear her capris with it this time.

And yes, I do think it is supposed to be a dress. :)

Will stop by and check out your blog.

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