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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phone dump

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Nothing much new has been going on besides the usual.   Play some in the morning, off to daycare, get ready for work, work, home, laundry, sleep, repeat… Mad’s really been having fun at daycare, which is a good thing, but she still wants me to quit my job and stay home with her.  I have to admit there are a lot of times I agree! 

Wednesdays we still do story time and then we go out to eat afterwards, she is really loving that!!

This is from our meal at Arby’s… she’s really enjoying that sandwich!  Then she realized it had tomatoes on it!  She loves tomatoes!



Maddie heading to daycare…



A spider we saw outside of Walgreens.  Googled it when we got home and it says it’s an immature black widow.  Hadn’t seen one like that before



A little skink I found out in the shop when I was heading to work.  Isn’t he cute!?!  Smallest one I’ve seen.


(I don’t wear my wedding ring to work anymore since last time I lost a diamond the last time I worked there… Sad smile)


A few more of her heading off to daycare just being too cute.

This dress is so cute… I sure miss the days of staying home and sewing all day. 



Helping out at Story Time



something I thought was interesting I saw posted on FB



Hawaiian day at daycare


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