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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Shirt- Miss Frankenstein

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I was searching around Pinterest the other day for some cute Halloween shirts.  I came across this little boy one and thought it was a very cute idea.  It’s a Frankenstein shirt for little boys and they had it for sale on Etsy.  Mad saw it and loved it but wanted a girl one so we went through my scraps and she picked out all the material and accessories she wanted to use.  We searched for a plain t-shirt at Wal-mart and finally found one in the boys section.  It was on sale for $4 but when we rang it up it was only one dollar!!!  (if Mad and I wouldn’t have been in the bathroom when my loving man was ringing things up I would have went back and got one in every color!)

So.. we got home, cut out the head, hair and of course we had to add pig tails and a cute girl mouth.  Then she found a ‘M’ bead she had and wanted to add a necklace too it. 
We used heat and bond to help it stay in place so I could zig-zag around it.  She had me add some stitches to the face too.  I think it turned out pretty cute!!  (might change the eyes once we get some different buttons.. these are all we had)

It’s a little bit bigger than I thought and so was the shirt but now she can hopefully year it for a couple of years!  Guess what she wants to wear to school tomorrow!?!  Smile

This is their top…

Boys halloween frankenstein shirt


and this is ours..



Not as cute but Maddie sure loves it!  That’s all that matters!


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