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Friday, June 21, 2013

Crochet Doll Clothes

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Maddie’s been begging for an American Doll for a while now.  She said she was going to ask Santa for one for Christmas.  I told her if she did that might be the only thing she got.  She was fine with that.  Then one day we were walking through Wal-mart and she saw the My Life dolls and thought that they were the same thing as the American Doll.  That was fine with us!  So my husband decided to get her one with an agreement that it take two of her allowances to help pay for it.  She agreed and picked out her doll.

She asked me to make her some clothes for her.  I didn’t feel like sewing so on Sunday she picked out a top, a skirt, a headband and some boots for me to make. 


Meet Caitlin

Top pattern



Head band pattern



Skirt pattern



Boot Pattern



Then I didn’t care for how short I made the skirt so I could have added a round or two but since she has no under pants I decided to turn them into shorts until I can get some under clothes made for her. 


There are a ton of cute little clothes out there for 18” dolls.  Also a bunch of cute ones just to buy if you don’t want to make them.  The ones at Wal-mart for the My Life dolls are only $10 an outfit and the little shoes are only $2 so sometimes its just cheaper and easier to buy them. 

Here’s a link to my Pinterest board for doll clothes.

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