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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fiesta Coasters

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For several months now I have been searching for the pattern to these bright coasters.  I was telling my step-mom about them and showed her a picture of some my friend Mary made and she told me that Herrschner’s had them!  Yay!!




Cathy orders from Herrschner’s all the time so I told her the next time she ordered something to get them for me.  It came with enough yarn to make 16 and a pattern book with 5 other patterns in it.  They are so cheerful and summery!  I just love them!  Need to make some more now. 




Mary said...

Those are cute! I really like the colors :)

Hope you're having a great weekend

Cami said...

Those are so cute, Nicole! -Love the colors!

I finally created a personal blog, it's me Camille from Baby Pickel :)

Enjoy your weekend! ox

Nicole said...

Thanks ladies!!!
Mary, they are no where near as good as yours!! :)

Camille I will have to come and check it out!

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